Animal rights activists have rescued nearly 200 beagles from a drug testing lab in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Friday.

Most dogs were found with their fur shaved, one was dead and frozen in liquid nitrogen, another was found with no eyes.

Animal testing for scientific purposes in legal in Brazil and regulated by the Health Surveillance Agency, but animal welfare organizations claim horrific tortures occur on a daily basis and have been campaigning against it without results.

After a week of protests in front of the Royal Institute lab located in Sao Roque, activists decided to break in and save the dogs.

Despite heavy police presence, they managed to free 178 beagles.

Officer Edivaldo Nunes of the Sao Roque police department said by telephone that about 500 activists tried to break through barriers set up in front of the laboratory following Friday’s break-in, reported Kohn2.

“A large group of activists shouting ‘save the dogs’ stormed the lab early Friday morning and drove away with the animals,” he added.

The beagles’ location is still unknown, but they are surely receiving for the first time in their lives all the love and care they deserve.


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Image from Bite Back

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