Pinioned bird at UK zoo – CAPS

.     UK animal rights organization CAPS announced on Monday that thanks to their ongoing Fight For Flight campaign, Chester Zoo will stop their pinioning practices.

Pinioning is the amputation of the end of a newborn bird’s wing in order to prevent him or her to fly ever again. With pinioned birds zoos can keep birds without the need of cages, giving the false impression that birds choose to stay there.

CAPS Director Liz Tyson said:

“In the last month, both London Zoo and Chester Zoo have committed to bringing an end to the deliberate and permanent mutilation of birds for exhibition purposes. We still have a long way to go but this is a significant step forward. We are delighted that these developments have come just over six months into the Fight for Flight campaign. We expect to see more zoos following suit as the pressure on them to do the right thing continues to build”.

Join the Fight for Flight campaign to help end pinioning in Europe zoos for good.

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