"Humpback Whale" attacking the Dos Osos boat 8/3/13 Morro Bay, CA



.     Approximately 2.000 baby humpback whales have been migrating for the first time with their mothers from Queensland, past Sydney and to the Antarctic.

Whale Watching Sydney photographer Jonas Liebschner said every year there were more and more whales and they could be seen quite easily from land, reported the country’s Daily Telegraph.

“In fact I went for a surf the other day and saw some whales breach for 10 minutes just 500m away from me off North Bondi,” said Liebschner.

Unfortunately, a 3-month-old calf drowned early Tuesday after being caught in a shark net at a beach in Sydney.

The calf and her mother were first seen circling around in a net at about 6 a.m.

ORCA volunteers and a team from National Parks and Wildlife later removed the calf from the net and stayed there to ensure no one else got stuck.

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