.     Three elephants from Toronto Zoo were transported last week to start their new lives at the Performing Animals Welfare Society Sanctuary (PAWS) in San Andreas, California.

After a long 50-hour-journey, Toka, Thika and Iringa arrived to their new forever home on Sunday night.

“We are extremely proud of the Toronto Zoo staff who have been so dedicated and committed to these three animals over the years, but particularly for their professionalism throughout the load process which was also a very emotional time,” said a release from the Toronto Zoo.

However, activist Bob Barker, who payed for the elephant’s transfer, had a different opinion: “The biggest difficulty for us in organizing this move was the Toronto Zoo. The zoo found every possible obstacle to put in the way of PAWS,” Barker told CTV News Channel. “The zoo has been totally uncooperative.”

The trio will now live the rest of their lives in peace and the way ‘nature intended for them’.

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