Miracle Ranch Volunteers

Miracle Ranch Volunteers

After almost 2 years and over 4000 dogs rescued, the Miracle Ranch Rescue have been asked to close down and leave by 1 December.

The Miracle Ranch opened in February 2012 thanks to volunteers from MOMS and Animal Aid  in Long County, GA, with full support from neighbours and city officials.

They have been rescuing death-row dogs since, bringing them back to health and then taking them to Animal Aid’s home in New Jersey.

Kennel supervisor Georgia Pontikakis said the shelter has received no written complaints or citations, but were told they must close and remove all animals by 1 December anyway.

Karen Talbot, of Animal Aid and Miracle Ranch, said: “This is not the Wild West.  We were approved and welcomed to Long County and have poured over $200,000. into the community by using local businesses.  We are saving animals and have always adhered to the laws.  This is illegal harassment and now I fear for the safety of our volunteers and the dogs we try so hard to save.”

WTOC contacted the Long County Commissioners’ office by phone. Chairman Donald Long said he had been advised by the county attorney not to comment.

A petition has been created demanding the eviction of the rescue to be ceased. You can sign it here.

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