Image by Jakarta Animal Aid

Image by Jakarta Animal Aid

Jakarta’s Governor Joko Widodo has banned roadside monkey performances and hopes to eradicate them all by next year.

Authorities have been raiding the streets of the capital and seizing all performing monkeys.

According to Femke den Haas of the Jakarta Animal Aid Network, at least 22 working monkeys of the approximately 350 have been rescued in the past week.

Widodo said the decision was made to prevent the diseases carried by the animals and also to stop animal abuse.

A trained macaque can be sold for up to $135. The government will pay the owners’ of the seized animals around $90 per monkey and will help them find new jobs.

The monkeys are being quarantined for health reasons at Jakarta’s Ragunan Zoo.

Working monkeys in Jakarta endure cruel hard lives. Animal rights activists say they are hung from chains for long periods of times to train them to walk in two feet, their teeth are pulled out to prevent them from biting and they are tortured to keep them submissive and obedient.

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