.     Authorities in Indonesia discovered an illegal private zoo inside a luxury villa located in west Java last Thursday.

Police officers were called to the property by a security guard after another guard confessed to him that he had killed a 23-year-old woman named Eneng for turning him down and had buried her in the villa.

“When police officers arrived at the scene for the body and to arrest the suspect, they discovered a mini zoo,” said Didik Purwanto, chief detective of Bogor district.

Officers found and endangered Sumatran tiger, a liger and several monkeys from different species, including a Java gibbon, a langur monkey, a dusky leaf monkey and two siamang apes. There were also Javan peacocks, Timorese deer, geese and dogs.




Police are now searching for the villa’s owner, who will be charged with keeping a zoo without a license.

The tiger and the monkeys will be moved to different zoos, and the others will most likely be released. The liger, however, faces another fate.

‘The presence of a new animal is not due to a natural cause and it exists because of human intervention,’ said Forestry ministry official Dedi Sunardi.

‘There are no regulations on it, so we are suggesting that the liger be terminated.’

The decision was met by anger from animal lovers and conservationists across the globe.




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