Cat Paw


Randi Deuro

.     Polish authorities have arrested a woman after finding almost 100 dead cats and 72 severely malnourished cats in her house in Warsaw.

Officers were called to the scene by neighbours who complaint about horrible smells and loud high-pitched noises coming from the house.

The woman was discovered to have been trying to join together dead and alive cats to create one freak animal.

A police spokesman said: “She was banned from keeping dogs, she had become obsessed with creating a new breed of dog and when that became no longer possible she switched to experimenting with cats.

“There has obviously been some sort of sick experiments going on but until we get the autopsy back on the bodies and have looked at the injuries to the alive cats we won’t know more about exactly what she was doing here.”

The woman could now face up to 2 years in jail for animal cruelty.



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