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.     The Animal League Defense Fund is creating the United States first national animal abusers registry, named “Do Not Adopt.”

The animal welfare group has been asking states to provide public data of convicted animal abusers and hopes to finish the registry by the end of the year.

“There is no existing mechanism to prevent someone convicted of animal abuse from walking into a shelter or going on Craigslist and getting a new animal,” Chris Green, ALDF director of legislative affairs, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

After receiving some criticism for ‘trying to shame and expose people’, Green defended the database saying that it has to have public access because there are many different organizations and individuals selling or adopting pets throughout the country.

“The purpose is to prevent abusers from acquiring more animals,” Green said to The Huffington Post. “That’s the fundamental goal, rather than creating a gallery of people.”

ALDF started this journey back in 2001 when they drafted and added an “Offender Registration and Community Notification” section to ALDF’s model laws collection. ‘Since then a number of jurisdictions have followed this model concept introducing legislation to accomplish this goal with respect to animal abusers,’ they state in their website.

Now, after a decade of asking state governments to create a registry and getting rejected, they will make one at their own expense.

“Most shelters have their own ‘Do Not Adopt’ lists that they circulate amongst each other. But we wanted to make sure that our site is only populated with data that comes from official sources,” said Chris Green.

States will have the option to opt into the registry to provide information on the convicted animal abusers.

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    Make it public as wel hihihih ;00000

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    Animal abusers should never be allowed to have pets again!