.     After the Typhoon Haiyan ravaged the Philippines killing thousands of people and animals, animal welfare organizations are sending their emergency response teams to the devastated area.

“WSPA staff are on the ground and working with local governments and international aid agencies to meet the needs of animal owners and their animals and give help where it is needed most,” reported the WSPA yesterday.

“Our Bangkok-based response team will join them tomorrow to conduct rapid assessment of the needs. Animals could need anything from emergency food, water, shelter and veterinary care. How this has affected local animals remains unknown as the response to date has focused on the people caught up in this disaster, many of which are in areas still inaccessible. Based on the human toll, the devastation to cities and rural areas, we know the animals will desperately need our help.”

The Humane Society International stated: “Typhoon Haiyan has struck with devastating force in the Philippines, and we have an experienced veterinary team on the ground in Cebu, the biggest island in the strike zone. While authorities struggle to organize and deliver humanitarian relief, we’re preparing an animal-focused response.

“Our team has already carried out an assessment of the northeast region of Cebu and met with local representatives to offer support. Our responders are also preparing to visit two other hard-hit islands as soon as they receive the necessary clearance. We’ll work in close cooperation with local and federal officials to provide comprehensive aid.”

To help the animals affected by Typhoon Haiyan, please consider making a donation: WSPA, HSI, IFAW.

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