Animal lovers in the UK are celebrating three consecutive victories for the animal kingdom.




First of all, the Nottingham shopping centre’s plans to exhibit penguins were cancelled on Tuesday thanks to PETA and a group of neighbours who expressed their concerns to centre’s representatives.

The centre stated: “following talks and meetings with members of our local community, and with animal charity PETA, we have decided not to include live penguins in our Christmas Extravaganza event. We came to this decision after listening to people’s views and we believe this is the right thing to do”.

Secondly, after several campaigns from different animal rights organizations and tens of thousands of emails from
concerned citizens, the plans to build a new beagle breeding facility in Grimston to use for experimentation were refused by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council on Wednesday.

NAVS Chief Executive Jan Creamer said: “East Riding of Yorkshire Council has made the right decision to reject plans to breed beagles for experiments in Grimston. This is a significant victory for animals, public opinion and modern science. The Council has shown today that using dogs in experiments is quite literally a dying industry.”

And yesterday, the Bolton Council announced it had accepted plans to close down Westhoughton Greyhound Stadium, which will end dog races in Bolton.

The site of the stadium will be used for housing.



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