borkobabyBorko was a stray dog like so many in Bulgaria. He lives in the the village of Selcha, Municipality of Devin, District of Smolyan in Southern Bulgaria.

In May 2012, Borko was beaten up so badly just for being a stray that his spine was broken.

Luckily for him, he was offered a loving home with Dr Litov, who was persecuted by his neighbours for helping stray animals.

Not having enough with having broken his spine, another mob of people broke into Borko’s new home in early April 2013 and attacked him again.

borkobaby2The sadistic abuse was all filmed by a TV7 crew, a national TV channel, and was shown on the night news as some heroic action in the ‘war against stray dogs’. The media defended the mob’s horrific actions and criticised Dr Litov for helping the defenseless dogs, which they consider an epidemic.

In a K9 Rescue interview with Dr Litov, he explained: “When I heard Borko screaming, I still did not suspect what was going on, thinking that maybe some other dog had sneaked in through a hole in the fence and that they ‘argue’ as often happens. Despite his disability, Borko will often scare off healthy bigger dogs.”

Dr Litov continued: “Not for a moment did I suspect that Borko was fighting for his life, being attacked by a human animal, trespassing on my property with a huge baseball bat in his hand. Fortunately, he survived this ordeal and now he is safe and comfortable.”

Dr Litov continued to explain how the mobsters returned that same afternoon to threaten him and his dogs once again. Even the Deputy Mayor of Devin, Vladimir Rosenov Daskalov, came to his home looking for him and Borko. He ‘was furious’ and told him to leave town because he was not safe. Dr Litov asked the police for protection, but they refused.

As if fearing for his and his dogs lives wasn’t enough, the Municipalityhas served him an eviction notice. ‘Humanity is dead in Bulgaria and people’s rights are a myth,’ Litov said.

Now, more than 7 months later, the judge finally concluded that the eviction notice served to Dr Litov was unfounded and flawed.

K-9 Rescue, who supported Dr Litov throughout the whole process, happily announced on their website: “Not a single shred of evidence was presented to the Court to substantiate the municipality’s claims that Dr Litov was in breach of his tenancy contract. Тhe judge ruled all photographs of Borko, taken in his room, inadmissible and irrelevant to the case.


Borko. -Image by K-9 Rescue

“Furthermore, according to the judge ‘the lack of physical evidence, substantiating the municipality’s claim is an infringement of the administrative procedure so fundamental, that it makes it impossible for the court to establish the very legal grounds of that claim’. As a result, the administrative act (the eviction notice) as a whole is corrupt and void.”

Dr Litov and his dogs will hopefully live in peace and he’s determined to continue to help strays as much as he can.


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