Animal lovers in China are celebrating the first small step into a China without cruel animal testing for cosmetics.

Beauty companies wanting to sell their products in China have always been demanded to test all their products on animals first.

According to Humane Society International (HSI), chemical testing for cosmetics in China involves more than 300,000 rabbits, mice, and other animals annually.

After long and extensive campaigns, from June 2014 the Chinese government will allow local companies to use data from other studies to prove their products are safe.

HSI explains: “For the first time ever, Chinese companies producing ‘non-special use cosmetics’ such as shampoo or perfume will have the option to substantiate product safety using existing safety data for raw ingredients, or European Union-validated non-animal tests instead of having to submit product samples to the government for testing on rabbits, mice and rats.”

Even though the new law applies only to Chinese companies, animal activists are feeling very optimistic.

China’s Food & Drug Administration even said that once the new system has been established, it may be expanded to include imported products and certain “special use” cosmetics as well.

“It looks like there could at last be a bright future for cruelty-free companies in China and hope on the horizon for an end to cosmetics cruelty,” HSI stated.

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