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.     Written by Christina, League Against Cruel Sports


Comments published last week by the new Environment Minister George Eustice MP, that a vote on repeal of the Hunting Act is unlikely in this parliament, is very welcome news to all supporters of the Hunting Act.

The minister has expressed a reluctance to hold a vote they are unlikely to win:

“There’s a danger you could spend quite a lot of time discussing something when it was clear from the outset that there wasn’t a consensus in Parliament to have a repeal. The danger is you therefore lose parliamentary time on an exercise that doesn’t result in any change.”

Since the beginning of the Coalition Government, the League have again and again highlighted the fact that neither the public nor the majority of MPs want to see a return to the cruelty of chasing and killing animals with dogs.

You can view the complete list of MPs who are:
Opposed to repeal
In favour of repeal
Not yet indicated how they would vote or undecided

LACS needs your support to maintain the pressure on all MPs so that they know the public does not wish to see a repeal of the Act.

If your MP hasn’t indicated how they’d vote on the subject of repeal, contact them today. It only takes a minute so TAKE ACTION NOW.

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