After watching the PETA exposé revealing the incredible cruelty angora rabbits are forced to endure on a daily basis for most of their lives on fur farms across China, H&M has announced they will be halting the production of all angora products.

The PETA Asia investigation video shows how terrified rabbits have their fur torn from their bodies by farm workers as they scream in pain. They are then thrown back inside their cages for 3 months, when the torturous procedure is done all over again.

The investigation was carried out at 10 unnamed Chinese Angora farms between June and September.

Rabbits on fur farms will never run, play or socialize. The thin cage wires constantly cut into their sensitive footpads and many suffer from different infections due to their filthy environment.

According to the investigation, rabbits suffer extreme shock after having their fur plucked out and most of them die from the trauma. Farmers then sell their meat to local markets.

PETA stated on their website: “Ninety percent of angora fur comes from China, where there are no penalties for abuse of animals on farms and no standards to regulate the treatment of the animals. When you buy a sweater, hat, or other product that contains angora, the angora fur most likely originated in China, even if the finished product was assembled elsewhere.

“Rabbits are gentle, socially complex, and intelligent animals with individual personalities, just like dogs and cats. In their natural habitat, rabbits live in scrupulously clean burrows and spend their time foraging for fresh, leafy food and interacting with members of their warren.”

Thanks to this investigation, people are becoming more aware of the real consequences of buying fur and kind companies such as H&M are making a difference and leading the way onto cruelty-free shopping.

Inspections of H&M’s suppliers will take place in coming weeks, after which the company will revisit its decision, H&M spokeswoman Camilla Emilsson-Falk said.

H&M has also banned in the past exotic animal skins and wool from mulesed sheep.

Other Swedish companies, including Lindex, MQ, Acne and Gina Tricot have also halted angora production.

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