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Cacao beans are packed with antioxidants and nutrients (such as iron, calcium and magnesium), and form the basis of all chocolate products. However, most of the goodness is lost during the process of making chocolate, mainly due to the high temperatures that cacao is subjected to.

Most chocolate also has unhealthy ingredients added to it such as refined sugar, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated fats, dairy products and chemicals – no wonder chocolate is deemed bad for us!

Raw chocolate, however, is gently processed at low temperatures to ensure that the antioxidants and nutrients are retained. Nuts, fruits and seeds are often added to raw chocolate, further enhancing its health benefits.

So next time you fancy something sweet, reach for one of these decadent raw chocolate treats:

Raw Choc Treats

1. Conscious Chocolate Mint Hint Bar –
Certified organic, this creamy bar contains 50% cocoa solids and peppermint essential oil for a cool, refreshing taste.

2. Mulu Raw Chocolate Buttons –
These cute handcrafted buttons are made with natural, organic, ethically traded ingredients.

3. The Raw Chocolate Co Raw Chocolate Mulberries –
Sweet, chewy berries are dipped in raw dark chocolate and dusted in cacao powder for a deliciously moreish snack.

4. Rawr Gold Bar –
This dairy-free alternative to white chocolate contains a minimum of 51% cocoa solids and has a sumptuous caramel-like flavour.

5. The Raw Chocolate Pie Company Ginger & Orange Zest Pie –
An organic, fair-trade chocolate pie packed full of zingy flavour.

6. Ombar Organic Bio Live Coconut 60% –
This smooth, creamy bar contains healthy probiotic bacteria to help maintain internal

7. Pulsin Raw Choc Brownie –
Enriched with raw rice powder, these amazing brownies help to balance blood sugar.