Italian authorities have arrested Francesco F. for cooking and eating cats he adopted from different animal shelters.

The 50-year-old man is reported to have adopted at least 15 cats while claiming to be an animal lover. The majority were black cats less than or around 3 years of age.

Suspicion began to arouse after Francesco tried to avoid several visits from shelter volunteers who wanted to check on the animals.

Volunteers started to believe Francesco was involving the cats in some sort of satanic ritual due to their colour.

“After several reports from different catteries we began to suspect that he was involved in some sort of Satanist group,” AIDAA chief Lorenzo Croce told the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

A volunteer then decided to pop in one day unannounced.

When Francesco opened the door he discovered that he was actually killing them for food.

Croce said the man “admitted to killing black cats and eating them in the company of friends”.

Francesco is now under custody charged with animal abuse and faces a 1-year prison sentence and/or a fine of 15,000 euros.

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