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Dogs can thrive on a well-balanced vegetarian or vegan diet because, like us humans, they are omnivores.

One of the world’s oldest living dogs was fed on a vegan diet of lentils, rice and organic vegetables, and she lived to the grand old age of 27 (or 189 in dog years!).

Even if you choose not to switch your dog’s diet to a veggie one, why not consider swapping some of their treats for healthier vegan options? Most meat based treats are crammed with artificial colours, flavours and ‘animal derivatives’ (no prizes for guessing the kind of body parts involved there).

Vegan dog treats are plant based and often contain healthy ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and antioxidants.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best treats on the market (all available from, so go on – spoil your four legged friend!

Vegan Dog Treats

1. Ami Bone Care – a vegetable based chew that is ideal as a reward for your dog. It helps to maintain oral hygiene and keep the digestive system in balance.

2. Cerea Eurostar Chews – made from natural ingredients, these chew sticks are designed to clean the teeth and are completely digestible. The colourings are made from natural plant sources.

3. Antos Farm Rolls – 100% natural, wheat and gluten free chews that are a great alternative to rawhide. They are low in fat and protein, which makes them ideal for dogs on special diets. Clove extract is added to help freshen breath.

4. Soopa Papaya Dog Chews – these 100% dried papaya chews are naturally rich in vitamins A, C & E, antioxidants and pro-digestive enzymes. They help to naturally clean teeth and are suitable for dogs with diabetes, allergies and sensitive stomachs.

5. Cerea Rice Bones – free from artificial colourings and flavourings, wheat free and meat free, these tough bones are made from rice protein and minerals. Great for helping to clean and strengthen your dog’s teeth.

6. Healthy Paws Fruit Cookies – these delicious dog biscuits are wheat and gluten free. Packed with nutritious ingredients such as apples, bananas and cinnamon, these treats provide an energy boost for your dog.

7. Cerea Sea Algae Toothbrush Chews – these tasty chews will help to get your dog’s teeth squeaky clean. They contain algae which is high in omega 3 & 6, protein, iron and antioxidants which will help to optimise health.

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