Defenders of Wildlife announced that 23 wolves have been aerially shot by gunmen from the Wildlife Services agency of the USDA last month in the Lolo zone, northern Idaho.

‘Idaho continues it’s bad faith management of the state’s wolf population that was stripped of federal protection only three years ago,’ they said in a statement.

The killing cost $30,000. According to Idaho Fish and Game, the money is coming from licenses the agency sells.

In the past 4 years a total of 48 wolves have been killed in the area due to ‘conflicts with people or domestic animals’ or because they cause a decline in the numbers of elk or deer to be hunted.

“Defenders is the only national organization with boots on the ground, organizing and building public support for wolves in Idaho”.

If you wish to contribute to the fight in protecting Idaho wolves, please consider making a donation here.

You can also sign a petition asking to stop the wolf eradication program in the Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness area, where a trapper was sent to exterminate 2 wolf packs. To sign click here.

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