Over 180 animals were rescued from a puppy mill in Jefferson County, Arkansas last week.

Jefferson County’s authorities found the animals living in neglectful conditions and called in The Humane Society of the United States and other area organizations, including Central Arkansas Rescue Efforts for Animals, The Humane Society of Saline County, Out of the Woods, RedRover, and Sallis Ranch Large Animal Rescue, Inc., to assist in the rescue and removal of the animals.

The majority of the dogs were living in an outdoor facility and the others were inside trailers on the property.

On top of the 121 dogs, rescuers also found 11 exotic birds, 19 chickens, 20 horses, and a number of cats, bunnies and turtles.

Many of the animals didn’t have access to clean water or food. They were all living in filthy conditions and some were in need of immediate medical attention.

Tia Pope, manager of puppy mill response for The HSUS, said: “No animal should ever be forced to live in conditions like this. We’re thankful to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for taking action and letting us help rescue these animals. Now, they’ll get the opportunity to live happy, healthy lives.”

Sheriff Gerald Robinson said: “Irresponsible breeders fuel the animal overpopulation crisis, but through the concerted efforts of our office along with The HSUS, we are relieved that all animals rescued today can now receive the care that they’ve so desperately needed. These animals will no longer be subjected or forced to live in such deplorable conditions that we consider a ‘sanitary nuisance.’ Considering the cost associated with the shelter and veterinarian expenses of the rescued animals, our agency would not have been able to sustain the financial burden without the direct involvement of The HSUS.”

All the animals are now being taken care of at an HSUS emergency shelter where they will get the medical attention and love that they need. PetSmart Charities is providing the necessary food, supplies, and enrichment items for the dogs.

To help the HSUS rescue more animals from deplorable conditions, please consider making a donation here.

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