The Split Science Museum and Zoo in Croatia is set to close after years of complaints and protests regarding the animals’ well being.

In 2006, the zoo decided to relocate all of their exotic animals and stop accepting new animals. Now, Split’s deputy mayor, Goran Kovacevic, announced a complete relocation programme to other zoos and future closure.

The monkeys will be sent to a German zoo but they are still looking for a forever home for the 14-year-old tiger.


The zoo opened in 1924 with around 450 animals of 55 different species. Since then, the establishment has been the target of worldwide criticism due to extremely small filthy cages, poor health and overall sadness seen in the animals’ eyes.

“Bears live in a small concrete enclosure. Until recently there were five wolves in a cage and they had so little room that they constantly attacked one another,” Marjan’s leader, Srdjan Marinic, told the Jutarnji List daily.


Kovacevic said the land will be turned into a recreational park containing a playground, a botanic garden and an enclosure for domestic animals.

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