The city hall dog catchers in Romania illegally vandalized the dog pound and brutally took the 90 dogs currently living there on Friday, reported Four Paws Romania.

The scene was captured by a visitor who was there at the time. He said: “At 14:00hs, about 13 cars arrived at the dog pound. They broke the lock of the entrance and started breaking the paddock gates. They vandalized everything. It is hard to describe the brutal methods they used to pick-up the dogs.

“At my protests, the dog catchers threatened to beat me. I told them it is not normal what happens, that the dogs are dying because of the way they are handling them and they only replied to sit still. After finishing taking the dogs from the pound they vandalized the two paddocks belonging to Four Paws.”

According to the visitor, the dogs were covered in blood and dragged to their cages. The dogs were all neutered and microchipped and some of them were even set to go to their new homes soon.

Four Paws, who manages a clinic at the dog pound for sterilising the dogs, stated on their Facebook page: “We are horrified by the way in which these dogs have been brutally treated and are very concerned about where they been taken. The Four Paws Romanian team are working hard to get the dogs back. They have also spoken to the Police and have filed a criminal complaint for vandalism, stealing and illegal trespassing.

“We will keep everyone updated.”

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In September 2013, the Romanian Parliament approved legislation to cull the stray population in Bucharest, where there’s an estimate of 60,000 dogs living in the streets.

The law states that authorities can euthanize a dog within 14 days if the animal is not adopted, but many Bucharest citizens tired of dealing with the numerous strays just started killing the animals themselves. This actions were followed by mass protests.

WSPA criticized the Romanian government and said: “Our extensive experience of working on dog management programmes around the world shows clearly that this legislation is neither practical, humane or effective and will not provide a long-term solution to Romania’s long-standing issues with stray dogs.”

They instead propose that the dogs should be spayed and neutered to break the cycle.

Vice-Chairman of the AGRI Committee and Vice-Chairman of the Animal Welfare Intergroup, MEP Janusz Wojciechowski, said: “It has become a business for private companies that receive a lot of money to catch and put down these animals, or run these shelters – well… shelters is hardly the right word – given what is going on in them. This program costs a lot of money and it means a lot of profit for the companies involved. And so it’s not in their interest to solve the problem. They want the problem, the issue to continue for as long as possible so that can earn as much money as possible out of it”.

“The new legislation doesn’t solve the problem, it’s exacerbating it”

photo by:

Haut Duval

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