Botswana Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism announced Thursday it has plans to ban canned hunting.

The cruel practice consists on hunting wild animals in small confined areas where the animals can’t escape or hide from the hunter.

“The animals involved are habituated to human contact, often hand-reared and bottle fed, so are no longer naturally fearful of people. Such animals will approach people expecting to get fed-but instead receive a bullet, or even an arrow from a hunting bow. This makes it easier for clients to be guaranteed a trophy and thus the industry is lucrative and popular,” states the Born Free Foundation on their website.

Hunters from all over the world pay ridiculous sums of money to hunt the animals and send parts of the bodies back home for display.

“The Government of Botswana is committed to conserving our biodiversity; large carnivore included and does not tolerate cruelty to our wildlife in any form,” the Ministry stated.

They are strengthening legislation to make sure that this “abhorrent and unethical practice does not find its way into Botswana under any guise.”

Botswana has already banned trophy hunting and the export of wildlife effective in January.

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  • ollymeg .

    Well done Botswana you are leading the field let us just hope that it’s not to long before the other African countries follow suite