Travelling circus Troy International Circus in Bahrain has abandoned its big cats for the second time, reported Bahrain’s newspaper Gulf Daily News.

Animal rights activists say the circus abandoned a group of wild cats in 2011, including a lion cub that later died.

Now, the circus left the country in January leaving six lions and two tigers behind.

The animals were discovered inside cages last Wednesday in Salmabad. Authorities are keeping an eye on them until their owner ships them to their next location.

“The animals are in good condition and since they are circus animals they are used to cages,” said Al Areen deputy general co-ordinator Dr Adel Al Awadhi.

“We got the number of the woman who owns the circus and called her. She was in Kuwait, making arrangements for their next show and she explained that they didn’t find a special jet to move the animals, but will do so this week.”

Authorities are seeking legal action against the circus for abandoning the animals for the second time with complete disregard for their well-being and public safety.

“The circus owner could have easily alerted us that they had issues and that there were problems moving the animals because we would have taken care of them until arrangements are made to move them to Kuwait,” said Al Awadhi.

If the owner doesn’t ship them soon, the animals will be taken to Al Areen Wildlife Park.

The Ministry of Culture said that the circus will not be allowed back in Bahrain unless they have all the animals’ import and export certificates.

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