For the past 4 days Animals Asia has delighted us with live updates from their latest rescue, gorgeous Ti Map, who was tortured and forced to live 14 whole years inside a small cage in a bear bile farm in south Vietnam.

Ti Map (Chubby Mouse) was the last known moon bear farmed for his bile in the Binh Thuan province. He lived there since his owner bought him in 2000 while he was still a young cub.

Most bears in bear bile farms live in crash cages and have their biles extracted twice a day without any form of anaesthetic. Deprived from moving freely, with a timap9permanent hole in their stomachs, bears live in complete agony for decades.

Luckily for Ti Map, his farmer realized he was part of a horribly cruel business and called Animals Asia because he ‘wanted the bear to be exploited no more and to have a good life.’

“We completely trust Animals Asia, so we wouldn’t give Ti Map to any other farm or centre. We believe that Animals Asia will take care of him much better than we can. We now know that bear bile farming is wrong,” he said.

Now, thanks to the Animals Asia rescue team, he is headed to a life free from cages and pain.

The rescue team had to carry Ti Map through 4 flights of stairs before they could start their 1,700km trip timap6home.

The team features members from Vietnam, Holland, Australia and Canada. They will take care of Ti Map during the 4-day trip, feed him and share his long awaited journey to freedom.

During the drive, the team has been flooded with support messages in Twitter and Facebook from supporters from all over the world.

“I read this in between taxi jobs which brought on tears of joy..then my next customers were wondering why i was crying so I just handed them my iPad. Now everyone in the taxi is whooping and overjoyed. As is the whole world who have been following your journey. Well done. Bless you all. Good luck Ti Map. Looking forward to more updates,” one supporter tweeted.

“Such a long journey…but such a worthwhile one. Fantastic work rescuers..it restores my faith in humanity. Thank you for saving Ti Map,” posted another.

After 4 days of driving almost non stop and spoiling Ti Map with plenty of fresh fruits, sugar canes and veggies, the team arrives.
‘It appears that after years of being fed rice gruel, Ti Map is now in enjoying his own little gastro-tour trying all of Vietnam’s fruits and assorted greenery as he’s driven the full length of Vietnam. At every stop Bear Worker Tuan is off foraging in the greenery and the local markets. Two more cabbages have apparently been purchased for snacks along the way. At this rate Ti Map will soon be living up to his name,’ Vet Joost shared.

‘Fourteen years in a cage eating rice gruel and Ti Map is now headed for a new life. The new food that he has tasted over the past couple of days will be his staple and his new friends will be there to take care of him. His first ever bear friends also await,’ Animals Asia timap1 wrote on their website.

Animals Asia Vietnam Director, Tuan Bendixsen said: “This rescue is significant for us on a number fronts. Not least because it has made another province free of bear bile farms, but also because of the reaction of the farmer and his family. The farmer’s realisation that bear bile farming is a form of cruelty, and the diminishing market for the bile gives us all hope. We would also like to offer our sincerest thanks to the Binh Thuan Forest Protection Department for their role in making this rescue possible, and we are now looking forward to giving Ti Map the life he deserves in our Tam Dao sanctuary.”

To help Animals Asia cover the cost of Ti Map’s rescue, please consider making a donation here or you can also adopt one of the other beautiful rescued bears here.

All Images from @AnimalsAsia

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