The Government of Panama has formalized a ban on the entry of wild animals into the country to be used in circuses.

The ban covers: “Wild animals of any kind or origin that are part or presented or exhibited in fixed or travelling circuses, public shows, entertainment and other similar organizations.”

It excludes private collectors, animal breeders, zoos and rescue centres registered with the National Environmental Authority (ANAM).

Circuses and other institutions currently owning wild animals used for entertainment were given two months to export the animals.

The new legislation also mentions that pets entering the country with the circus must comply with the health measures established by the ANAM.

Offenders will face penalties of 1 to 10 million Balboas.

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  • Travis J

    Well done!

  • Alex Brown

    Well done. Little Panama is showing USA in bad light where circus lobbyists and PR stooges continue to bribe their way to keeping the industry alive.

  • Beetit

    Bravo! Hopefully soon compassion will triumph over entertainment for all nations.

  • Dan Thomas

    Bravo Panama. This is just one more reason to love Panama.

  • David Sempau

    I am a Catalan (Spanish
    colony since 1714) resident in Panama. Some months ago I saw near Panama City banners
    advertising a circus featuring felines and other animals. I thought that it was
    pitiful and contradictory that a Biosphere Reserve as Panama was allowing such
    procedures. I am glad to know that the law has changed and that Panama keeps
    advancing in the way of true progress. I would like to see Spain embracing the
    same path, which does not seem likely since Spanish present fascist government
    has recently declared the savage bullfight (corrida) as “cultural
    patrimony” and protects and subsides the torture and assassination of
    bulls. This primitive show has been banned in Catalonia for years now and
    bullfight rings have been converted in malls and spaces for concerts and other
    (really) cultural events.

    Best wishes!