tomhurschdAfter Tom-Jan Hüsch’s girlfriend broke up with him, the 20-year-old decided to take revenge by hitting a dog she had given him as a gift and posting a video of the attack on Facebook.

Although the video has since been removed, it was uploaded to several different sites and has gone viral worldwide angering animal lovers in the process.

According to police officer Norbert Skalsk, the 10-week-old pup was left with a swollen face, a missing tooth and a concussion.

Hüsch’s girlfriend made a formal complaint to the police on February 17th after receiving the video through WhatsApp.

In the video, Hüsch also threatens to kill the little one and anyone else who provokes him.

Authorities quickly removed the dog from the property and sent Hüsch to a mental institution for a few days, wrote German newspaper Rhein Zeitung.

Luckily, the puppy quickly found a foster family where he will be loved and recover from the trauma.

In Germany, the Animal Protection Act states sentences of up to 3 years in prison or a fine.



The story that Hüsch was beaten up by an angry animal lover has been circulating the web since the attack, it has now been discovered it is not true and the picture had been photoshopped.


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  • Travis J

    got what he deserved. maybe he’ll think twice before abusing an animal again

    • Sarah

      He wasn’t beaten up, it was a photoshop pic. He looks like the kind of idiot that wouldn’t take it as a lesson, even if / when he does get a good hiding anyway. :(

  • Mikey Russo

    That’s a photoshopped picture of a pic from his Facebook page, he wasn’t beaten up. Yet.

    • http://theanimalspost.com TheAnimalsPost

      Hello Mikey, thank you for your comment. The post was updated just this morning regarding this new information.

    • David Worthington

      That’s because I haven’t had my way with him yet. He better watch out

      • Kamal McCune

        I’m with you brotha! I wish we could find this fucker!!

        • https://twitter.com/Boby_Emilova Glory

          count with me too !! if i find this mother f*cker i will beat the crap ot of him !!

          • Daryl Cobain Denis

            Count me in too ! I would just LOVE beating up this fucker.

            • Anonymousgirlhaverhill

              lets go to Germany and find this guy! (Tom-Jan Hüsch)

              • Theoretic

                Type Wanted Tom-Jan Hüsch on facebook. It’s a justice group against him.

  • http://www.texturesrus.net Elizabeth Gallagher

    It will be a LONG time before any girl would date this prick.

    • Diego Garcia

      yeah right …women love dirt bags like this…

    • Sweet Dee

      Sadly no

    • magnacare

      DOUBTFUL there are a lot of desperate women out there!

      • MyKinKStar

        Who all think they can love some a’hole enough to make him change.

    • Miguel de la vega

      i so wish that was true but sadly, pricks and douchebags tend to be the ones who get the girls, not the nice guys

      • Neckbeard

        Tips fedora.

      • FancyME

        NO THIS ONE kill his ass

  • luke

    Always the germans…

    • Patryk

      you have got such a fuckers everywhere sadly. Don’t blame entire country for one idiot or their history. a lot of things changed…

      • Kayla Lade-Bradford


    • fokkertism

      If this was Nazi Germany or East Germany (1949-1990), the man would ahve been executed.

    • yerflap54

      You stupid man.

  • Mohamed

    I swear if I ever see him I would kill him

    • Mark

      damn, you’re so cool

  • Macncheese

    Looks like a beagle, which is what I have. Seeing this makes me want to kick his face in. I got my dog when he was just 9 weeks. I can’t imagine somebody living with themselves after that. What a waste of blood he is. It doesn’t take much to scare a poor dog that size to pee itself like that. Those dogs hardly ever have a harmful bone in their body. I hope this POS gets raped in prison…

    • €vil Je$ture

      So you would wish for anoyher man to suffer, your no better than he is for wanting to see anyone suffer. This guy want to make hos ex suffer, same shit you’re doing. Hope your kids see the same faith as you wish upon another person.

  • Macncheese

    Here’s his FB page in case you want to message him. He seems to have a few… https://www.facebook.com/tomjan.husch.52?fref=ts

  • Richard Jennings

    Let me get ahold of this sicko. They will need photo shop to fix his face so his family can recognize it.

    • Riana van Zyl

      So true Richard. I got so upset after seeing this film, I searched the Internet for nearly 2 hours to ensure that the puppy is ok.

  • Daniel Pulli

    I would smash hes face.. if I was so lucky to run into him..unfortiunate i probably dont

  • Kayla Lade-Bradford


  • Ondřej Adámek

    motherfucker, he isnt normal, fucking beast

  • penelope


  • FortheSake Ofanimals

    POS bastard … I wouldn’t only piss on your floor Tom-Jan Hüsch. I’d shit in your mouth then close your air ways till you swallowed or choked. He needs jail not a mental ward where he could be used as a pin cushion for lonely inmates. punk

  • Rae Semple

    now you know why the girlfriend is an ex……smart girl the man is sadly insane

    • Aj

      Obviously not smart enough or she’d have took the dog with her… Just saying.

      • Riana van Zyl

        Agree. Surely she must have known how horrible this creature was – That sort of behaviour is not something one developes overnight. I would never have left the dog with him.

    • Aj

      Still, some people just shouldn’t be allowed themselves human, and to call this guy an animal would insult animals. Also apologise if I came across a bit rude, re reading my comment it would appear that way. (would have replied to second comment but wouldn’t let me lol.)

      • Riana van Zyl

        It is normal to feel like that after seeing such horrific violence against a defenseless puppy.

        I think we all said things here that we perhaps should not have but I became very angry and distressed after I saw this film and was so upset that I developed a severe headache.

        • Tandi Noggle

          In my profession I see it ALL the time. No, I do not regret wanting to see all animal abusers shot dead. Lighten Earths load of useless scum.

          • Riana van Zyl

            Well said.

  • Stojmen Jokic

    monkey prick

  • Sandra Wysong

    Don’t believe those bruises! Please someone hurt him break his hands and feet so he can’t harm any other animals!

  • Desar

    I want to see the video of this little b**** getting his a$$ kicked.

  • Joel Cruz

    He must burn in hell

  • MystikWizard

    I was absolutely revolted and frankly shed some tears after seeing that footage. I don’t understand how people can do this to animals. I am glad he was institutionalized for a couple days … but definitely happy the authorities got the poor thing out of that house and the dog has since been adopted.

    • Riana van Zyl

      It was really hard for me to see it also, Mystik. I truly hope that horrible creature read all these message people have written about him.

  • fokkertism

    If this was the Third Reich or the DDR (East Germany), the man would have been executed.

  • Raab Sykes

    Makes me sick what a horrible prick! Picking on a poor little dog :(

  • MyKinKStar

    Come on people! They are not the same guy, this is just more fake shit to get interWEBS people to fall for it, and it’s working!

  • Lena Marita Berggren

    The photo with this little evil sissy beaten up was obviously to good to be true…..but I hope he meets some kind of justice. What a small little “man” …..

    • MyKinKStar

      It is too good to be true, because it’s not true. The picture is photoshopped and a video going around isn’t the same guy either.

  • yerflap54

    Can I please have this wankers address? I am visiting Germany soon and would like to exchange some ldeas with Herr Husch. Danke.

  • MyKinKStar

    If you have children in your life, pay attention to them. LOOK them in the eyes and give them time to feel and learn respect, because the ones who bully or beat others want to feel special, to make up for what they aren’t getting any other way.

    When we make eye contact it’s honest and true. So simple really, to prevent lies and thievery..

    • Riana van Zyl

      Have a look at the film again and I think you will agree that no one would like to look into those hard “almost stoned” eyes.

  • Ed

    Take him to the dump and suffocate him. He is defective and needs to be destroyed.

  • Brad Bennett

    needs more than a few days in a mental hospital, these are the kinds of people that shoot up schools.

  • Sarah

    Yeah, I saw the footage of this the other day actually. Karma is real!

  • Riana van Zyl

    My heart is broken and I cannot stop crying. This stupid idiotic creature is not worth being called a human being.

    A few days in a mental institution is laughable? He needs to be in prison for life.

    Hope the little sweetheart DEFENSELESS puppy is now safe and very happy where he is and truly got over the pain and trauma this horrible sicko inflicted.

    I am not an aggressive person, however, I do not even want to think what I would do with this guy if I ever see him face-to-face.

  • phreaktor

    That video is not the same person as above.

  • Joshua Grant

    that guy is goin to jail for lying about beatin a puppy up AND LYING ABOUT IT

  • Jackburned

    Just stop post this fake video link, we barely see that the culprit is the same on both footages, the life of martyrs is involved! Internet is just so fucking fake these days…SHIT..

  • Karen DeMoss

    A serial killer in the making so sad :(

  • Cristie

    I want to beat this evil demon f@&$, no good in this world phyco bastard. If I ever see anyone ever fucking hit an animal I swear hope that god is around me to prevent me from fucking killing them.

  • Farty Fartsalot

    If it had been a human, people couldn’t care less

  • Dave

    Can someone just find his address and send him an envelope with anthrax please?

  • david

    human breeed small dogs which will never be able to defend themselves..he would have never done that to a wolf/ big dog because his fist would probably break…small dogs will always get abused..look at foxes in uk,they are treated so badly..the reality is human is playing god breeding dogs in sizes which will never survive in a natural habitat..and most abused i have seen online for pets are against small dogs

    • Travis J

      I think you are right that humans are always playing god with everything on this planet. But humans will abuse all types of dogs, look at dog fighting for example. And it’s not just small animals but large ones as well. We have invented animal circuses, tiger farms, bear baiting and the list goes on and on.

  • Fancyme

    can someone really beat his ass.. He put that photo of his sorry ass beat up CUS he is scared… and HE does and should have some animal love beat his ass.. Hes a punk and hasnt paid for hitting the dog.. Please some real man out there get ahold of him tie him to a tree and leave his sorry ass.. I wont tell wil you!

  • Tandi Noggle

    I want every animal abuser put down with a fuking bullet between the eyes. They serve NO PURPOSE in society.

  • €vil Je$ture

    All you assholes talking about killing him are no different than he is. Do you fuckers really have the balls kill a human? I bet none of you assholes will kill anyone, so stfu, you’re no better. Don’t pretend you would put a knife to his neck or shoot him. You beating another human is worst than the dog getting beaten. I don’t support this action of beating a pup or assholes talking about killing. Don’t talk like a killer, the day someone is out to kill you, I bet you’ll think twice about talking like one.

  • €vil Je$ture

    That’s how you show dominance over a dog.

  • Riana van Zyl

    How on earth can you say it was fake? The poor dog was petrified and even cried. That was certainly not staged.

    • MyKinKStar

      READ the FULL Story Please . . .

      • Riana van Zyl

        MyKinKStar, I fail to understand why you are trying to protect this horrible creature, I have read the FULL story.

        The Police became involved and removed the pup from this creature. It is a fact that the dog had a swollen face, tooth missing and was suffering from concussion. The Police thought it was serious enough to send this creature to a mental institution for assessment.

        What is there any further to read?

        The only thing that is false, is the photos of Hüsch beaten-up face. That was photoshopped and never happended.

  • CommonSense

    I’m glad they were able to rescue the dog and catch the sicko. The scum should have the crap beat out of him, just like he beat the dog.
    I’m also happy to see how many people are outraged by this animal abuse. I hope all of you are aware that this kind of abuse, and far worse, is committed every day to land animals raised for food. A total of 60 billion annually. So if you’re upset by this kind of abuse then I hope you’re vegan. It’s the only way to be consistent with your views.

  • letmepicyou

    I have a feeling 98% of the people spouting off about kicking this guy’s ass…couldn’t. Not excusing the guy, just not a fan of keyboard courage, either. If you’re gonna whoop someone’s ass, do it then. Post about it afterwards.

  • Melissa

    I think that is so mean and mess up if he was my boyfriend and he did that to my dog I would of hit him the way he hit the dog I am a dog lover and I hate to see stuff like that

  • Helen Witschi

    Well, I’m certainly bummed that he was not beaten up. I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more. Hopefully, it WILL HAPPEN when he gets to jail!

  • Maria Kanelopoulou

    καλα σου εκαναν μουνακι να φας και αλλο ξυλο αυτο σου αξίζει γιατι το χτυπας ρε μακγα το σκυλάκι τι σου έκανε?