Animal rights activists in Nicaragua reported yesterday that at least one person has been killing dogs with arrows in the southern part of Managua.

“Six dogs have died, all in the Southern Highway, in the last 10 days,” the president of Fundación Amarte, veterinarian Enrique Rumbaud, told EFE.

Rumbaud also stated that authorities should investigate the case because it has been scientifically proven that murderers and rapists often begin by abusing animals. “If they are not found, tomorrow they could station themselves in front of a school,” Rumbaud said.

The picture of Cookie, published in local newspaper La Prensa, caused outrage nationwide and became viral in local social media with people demanding justice.

According to Cookie’s owners, the 9-year-old dog was in their backyard when she was hit by a 20-inch arrow at around 1:30 hs in the morning and came crying to the door.

Cookie was lucky enough to receive emergency surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.

“This is the first case of its kind I have seen in my life. The arrow entered the left shoulder and exited through the right arm, and in the path it broke the trachea. She received a pretty big surgery and is very sore,” said Rumbaud.

When Cookie’s owners talked to the police, officers told them they had received a similar complaint the week before and they believe the people responsible are a group of youngsters that were seen with a crossbow in a grey truck.

According to the Protection and Well-being of Domestic and Domesticated Wild Animals Bill, this kind of act is considered animal cruelty and is punishable with a fine equivalent to 3,000 days of the person’s salary salary.

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