A Miami woman was arrested Friday for filming a crush video titled ‘SOS Barn.’ She was charged with 8 felony counts of animal cruelty for torturing and killing animals during the filming of the fetish pornography video.

Sara Zamora, 28, and other women can bee seen in the video “torturing and killing a wide variety of animals, including chickens, rabbits and more for the sexual gratification of its viewers,” said the police.

According to Miami-Dade, in the video Zamora gropes a man’s genitals while cutting a chicken’s neck with hedge clippers. She also beat chickens with a wooden stick and hit rabbits’ necks while they screamed in pain. She then killed them.

’I’m glad I didn’t have breakfast because I would have puked all over the place,’ said to the Miami Herald Zamora’s defense attorney after viewing a part of the video in court. ‘It was disgusting.’


The video, given to the police by PETA, was filmed at the home of co-defendant Adam Redford, 54, who is already on probation for a similar animal cruelty case last year, also made known by the organization.

Zamora was arrested while already in jail for charges including grand-theft with a firearm, credit card fraud, possession of a fictitious driver’s license and cocaine possession.

She is now facing up to 40 years in prison, 5 years for each count.

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  • Nohemi Dominguez

    Malditos degenerados, asesinos, pena de muerte, pena de muerte.

  • Fancyme

    how can i say this THANK FOR PUTTING HER IN JAIL can you get the other women who are IN the picture with her also hurting the animals… Please look into this.. Thankyou for giving her time…

  • Robert Wayne Connelly

    Free her she was just making money

    • Stephanie Ballard Thigpin

      You are equally appalling, perhaps you need to go to prison with her??? Anyone who could condone this should be ‘euthanized.’ In fact, perhaps law enforcement should investigate you, you are probably one of the many sick freaks who get sexual gratification from watching this sick stuff. Bet your computer is filled with snuff films and child pornography.