Kevin Ballard. Dayton Police Dept

Kevin Ballard, 55, has been arrested by Dayton police on a charge of animal cruelty after a rescue pup that was taken back to the rescue centre was found to have injuries consistent with sexual and physical abuse.

The owner of the 9-month-old pit bull mix named Sissy took her back to the Montgomery County Animal Rescue Centre on 18 March because he thought she had been spayed but she kept bleeding from her vaginal area.

A vet examination found that she had in fact been spayed, but had injuries in the rectal area as well as the ears and the head.

Kevin Ballard admitted hitting the dog if she urinated, but denied doing anything sexual. He has since been released from jail.

Sissy has been treated and is now up for adoption at the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center.

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  • janecrackedcorn

    his wife HAD TO KNOW what was going, she should be charged as well and the other dogs taken from them.

  • BB

    POS! Why in the hell was he released? He admitted to hitting the dog!