The Woodside wildlife and Falconry Park in Lincolnshire will provide the new forever home for two tigers rescued from a German circus that were set to be put to sleep.

According to the park, the tigers, named Tango and Julia, were both very badly treated in captivity by their previous owners.

Park director Neil Mumby said: “The Belgian and German authorities seized the tigers, which were bred in captivity in the UK, and a pair of lions from the circus after reports they were being mistreated about six months ago.”


The animals were then kept in a holding area in Belgium and were hours from being put to sleep when the park intervened and offered them a home.

The park wrote on their website: “The cost of rescuing these tigers from the European authorities, transporting them over to the UK and constructing the purpose built enclosure has been significant; as will be the costs of providing continuous care in future… but we very much wish to finally give these poor tigers the quality of life they so deserve.”

Images: Woodside wildlife and Falconry Park website

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