The mass slaughter of seals in Newfoundland, Canada has began amid animal welfare and environmental organizations claims that the industry is dead.

“From a market perspective, the seal hunt is very much over. Markets around the world have closed. It’s an industry that’s limping along on credit and subsidies,” said Rebecca Aldworth, executive director of the Canadian wing of Humane Society International.

In the last 5 years the European Union, the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan have all banned the import of seal products, shutting off 90% of Canada’s exports.

According to Aldworth, only 15 boats will take part of this year’s hunt. HSI will be following the hunt up close with helicopters and cameras and will be reporting via twitter.

The established quota has been set at 400,000 harp seals, but the number has never been reached. Only 37,609 were killed in 2011, 69,175 in 2012 and 90,318 in 2013.

Ask the Canadian government to end the cruel practice once and for all. Click here and here to sign the petitions.

Please consider making a donation here to help HSI in the fight against the slaughter of baby seals.

“They are impaled on hooks, dragged across the ice and cut open—and their pelts are often stockpiled in a warehouse.

“We’re the only team documenting the commercial seal slaughter. Your gift today keeps us on the ice so we can report on the fate of these beautiful animals, and it will keep us fighting all year to end this senseless slaughter.”


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