International animal welfare organization Animals Asia revealed yesterday their new campaign called Piece by Piece, ‘the largest rescue of its kind ever undertaken.’

Animals Asia will lease the land and facilities of a bear bile farm in Nanning, China and will free and rehabilitate all 130 moon bears currently caged there.

There may be even more since some of the 41 female bears could be pregnant with up to 4 cubs.

According to the organization, many of the bears have been kept in tiny cages since birth, barely able to move around and without access to anything natural to them like grass, trees and sunshine.

The farm was surrendered to Animals Asia by the owner after his daughter convinced him that the bile business was brutal and cruel and that the animals deserved better.

Piece by piece, as the new campaign is called, Animals Asia will transform the horrible farm into a lovely home for the bears. They have plans to create a sanctuary as well as an education centre.

Animals Asia has also announced that they are working with the Chinese government to keep the 9 existing farm workers and retrain them to become bear carers.

“This isn’t just a bear rescue, it’s a landmark initiative to help change the hearts and minds of other farmers in the region, ” Animals Asia wrote on their website.

Just last month, the organization rescued the last bear being farmed in the Binh Thuan province, south Vietnam.

The owner of Ti Map also had a change of heart and decided to give him to Animals Asia to spend the rest of his years in freedom and peace.

“We completely trust Animals Asia, so we wouldn’t give Ti Map to any other farm or centre. We believe that Animals Asia will take care of him much better than we can. We now know that bear bile farming is wrong,” the owner said.

You can read about Ti Map’s rescue by clicking here.

To help Animals Asia give 130 bear a new start in life, please visit their donation page.

“Because of the size and scale of this rescue, we need your support more than ever before. Your donation will help fund the renovation of the farm as well as the veterinary care these bears urgently need and the equipment and structures needed for their rehabilitation.”

You can also check out an interaction map they have created showing piece by piece how the new sanctuary and centre will be. Click here.

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