After an Animals Australia undercover investigation revealed shocking abuse of Australian cattle in Gaza 5 months ago, the Australian government ceased granting export permits to Gaza.

The undercover investigator filmed the brutal reality cattle went through at the Festival of Sacrifice in Gaza last year, were bulls were chased, stabbed and shot.

The live exporter involved in the case had already been exposed by the organization for ‘recurring breaches’ in Jordan.

However, the thousands of cattle that were already being transported to Gaza couldn’t be helped. Animals Australia reports that since November, at least 4,631 exported cattle have been sent to the slaughterhouses of Gaza.

“This is not a handful of animals as the exporter would like to have us believe. Thousands of Australian animals have been trucked from Israel to Gaza since widespread cruelty was reported last year. Each and every one of them will have suffered a brutal death as even the approved abattoir doesn’t meet required standards.”

In January, Animals Australia again revealed footage of cattle suffering horribly in Gaza. And then yet again in February, March and April. The Australian Department of Agriculture was alerted a total of six times.

Animals Australia said the ongoing nightly abuse of Australian cattle in Gaza – despite the exporter and government being fully aware of the situation – reveals a complete failure of the regulatory system.

The investigator recorded cattle being brutally killed using a slaughter box, having their tendons slashed, having metal files driven into their eye sockets. According to him, the workers were fearful and ill-equipped which resulted in them injuring the animals to disable them and make them collapse while they clumsily tried to kill them.

Animals Australia reported the cruel and illegal slaughter of animals exported by Livestock Shipping Services (LSS) to Gaza and Jordan by the same exporter, yet export permits are still being granted to him.

“We are shocked and appalled that the Department granted LSS a further export permit to Israel. Through doing so they removed their only leverage to force this exporter to address the cruelty in Gaza,” said Animals Australia Campaign Director Lyn White.

“How could the Department have any confidence that new conditions on an export permit would be adhered to by this exporter, when they have overwhelming evidence that past conditions have been ignored.”

“Live export regulations were designed to protect exported animals from the worst abuses. But regulations are pointless unless they are policed and enforced. That shocking abuse of Australian cattle continues in Gaza five months after first being reported, is damning. That the exporter under investigation for this and other serious breaches continues to be granted export permits, is even more damning,” Animals Australia stated.



“The Department advised that as a result of the latest footage they were now suspending this abattoir from use. One week later our investigator once again witnessed Australian cattle being killed in these brutal boxes.

“Animals Australia has worked diligently with the regulatory process, lodging complaint after complaint, supported by shocking evidence of recurring breaches that have resulted in sickening cruelty to exported animals.

“The Australian community has every right to lose faith in this regulatory system when cruelty remains unaddressed, yet for the exporter implicated, it is business as usual.”
“Regulations can only be effective if there is the ability to police them and the will to enforce them. Once again, the Department would not even know that this horrendous situation in Gaza was continuing were it not for Animals Australia.

“The government proudly proclaims that we are the only exporting country to have standards but that is completely irrelevant if regulations are not being complied with and the abuse of exported animals continues.”


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