World Animal Protection, formerly known as the WSPA, has been helping millions of animals in the Balkans in need of emergency treatment after the torrential rains and devastating floods the area suffered last month.

Dozens of people were killed and thousands have been evacuated. Entire cities were left without clean water and electricity.

Over 80,000 hectares remain submerged in water in Serbia and around 5 million animals are suffering.

WAP provided 22 veterinary kits to kick-start veterinarian practices that were severly affected by the floods and WAP vet Juan Carlos Murillo will work with the Veterinarian Directorate of Serbia to vaccinate over 75,000 animals that have been left stranded in water to prevent a disease outbreak.

“We are currently in talks with local partner organisations in Bosnia and will keep you updated as we work alongside the people and animals in the Balkans over the coming weeks,” stated WAP on their website.

The animal death toll is still unknown but it’s likely to be in the thousands, with the number raising each day.

Local farmer, Mr. Sladjan Milutinovic from Svilajnac in Central Serbia said:

“I will never forget the flood. In a matter of 30 minutes water had rose up to my waist and it remained stagnant for more than 24 hours.

My cattle did not perish because they are very strong and could stand in the flood without food or clean water but a different fate awaited 8 of my sheep who drowned after their wool got soaked and made them sink.”

Please consider helping the WAP give food, water, medicine, shelter and vet care to suffering animals. Click here to donate.

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