Around 800 animals have been found dead on the coasts of Lambayeque and La Libertad, in northern Peru, earlier this week.

For still unknown reasons, some 700 dead pelicans were found in La Libertad and around 100 birds, 2 dolphins and 3 sea lions were found dead in Lambayeque in the areas of Puerto Eten, San José, Santa Rosa y Pimentel.

Peruvian scientists with the Sea Institute of Peru of Lambayeque have taken samples of the animals and are trying to figure out why they all died so suddenly.

Fishery biologist Wilmer Carbajal said that the cause of death may be a toxic seaweed eaten by the fish the species involved usually eat. He rejected the rise in water temperature as a reason because ‘no other species have died.’

Similar situations of massive deaths have been affecting northern Peru for the past several years, with some 500 dolphins dying last year and over 500 pelicans in 2012, along with other species.

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