Two men have been arrested in Tanti, Córdoba, Argentina for getting a dog drunk, tricking him into sexual acts and posting pictures on Facebook.

The men, aged 21 and 32, were accused of infringing Sarmiento Law, which concerns animal abuse. The dog was seized and subjected to a complete health check up.

The event took place at the dog owner’s house last weekend where he was holding a barbecue with his friends, a group of young men between 20 and 35, who forced the dog to drink beer and gin with them and then tricked him into oral sex. Later that evening, one of the men would upload pictures to his Facebook page and tell stories of how the abused him.

The pictures outraged neighbours from both Tanti and Villa Carlos Paz. Local animal welfare organizations were alerted and a criminal complaint was made against three of the men.


“We found out from a complaint that was made in Facebook. We were looking at the pictures that the men uploaded, particularly Ezekiel Galli, where a pitbull-type dog is drinking alcohol and is then subjected to a series of atrocities. There is a volunteer who has screenshots where you can read all the comments about the abuse,” said president of animal welfare organization FUPA, Elizabeth Caserta.

“The case is being investigated. This is just the beginning. The case is very serious,” said an investigator with the Punilla Police Department.

Sarmiento Law states that whoever hurts an animal faces punishment of up to one year imprisonment.

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  • Rachel Groenendijk

    I so fucking hate people abusing animals.

    • Scott Bowman

      I’m with you.