Plymouth Council in Massachusetts, USA has finally published the bylaw banning the use of wild animals in circuses, ADI announced on their Facebook page yesterday, making the law official.

The law was voted on 5 April 75 to 47 to enact the new bylaw that would “prohibit the displaying of non-domesticated animals for public entertainment or amusement in circuses, carnivals or other similar entities on property owned by the Town of Plymouth, on Town-owned property under lease, or on private property.”

Puebla, Mexico, voted to ban the use of animals in circuses on Friday during a meeting to amend eight chapters of the Municipal Code of Regulations.

The state’s capital became the third largest city in the state to “prohibit circuses and public or private shows in which animals are used.”

The new law will however exclude “zoos, aquariums and conservation centres for environmental education, conservation and research, that treat animals with dignity and respect, ensure proper living conditions and care, and comply with the applicable law.”

The president of the Governance Commission, Oswaldo López Jiménez, explained circus owners will be granted a grace period of one year after the publication of the new law in the Official Gazette.

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