When Woody’s owner passed away, the owner’s relatives sold the house and left Woody behind.

Woody spent the last year living sad and alone under a shed, waiting for a loving hand to come rescue him.

Concerned neighbours from the area gave him food and water and tried to find him a new forever home. Hope for Paws heard about Woody’s story and quickly sent a rescue team.


Woody was taken to their shelter where he received a much needed bath and haircut along with lots of loving.

A staff member is currently fostering Woody while searching for his new adoptive parents.

At the end of the video, pet owners are reminded of the importance of including your pets in your will ‘to ensure they have a loving place to go’ and Woody’s story is not repeated.

Please consider making a donation to help Hope for Paws help more animals like Woody in need of a helping hand.

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  • Travis J

    Poor little guy, glad he’s being cared for now. What a horrible family!