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Washing the dishes is a chore that has to be done (unless you are lucky enough to own a dishwasher of course!), and most of us don’t think twice about what is in our washing up liquid.

As well as being tested on animals, many washing up liquids contain a cocktail of chemicals that are not only bad for us, but harmful for the environment and wildlife as well.

The good news is there are now lots of cruelty-free washing up liquids available in supermarkets, health food shops and online, and most of these use more natural, eco-friendly ingredients.

We’ve picked out our favourite vegan, Leaping Bunny certified products so you can do your dishes knowing you aren’t harming the animals, the planet or yourself.

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1. Ecozone Sensitive Washing up Liquid, £2.49,
Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this washing up liquid is fragrance free and delicate on your skin. It cuts through grease and leaves dishes sparkling thanks to its concentrated formula and powerful foaming action.

2. Bio-D Concentrated Washing up Liquid, £1.99,
This concentrated washing up liquid is perfume free and hypoallergenic. It is a biodegradable, low foam product that is ideal for everyday use, yet tough on burnt on stains. Bio-D’s washing up liquid is made from sustainable, naturally derived ingredients, plus the packaging is part recycled and recyclable.

3. Earth Friendly Products Lavender Dishmate Washing up Liquid, £3.50,
This washing up liquid contains organic lavender essential oil to give a soothing aroma. Ultra-
concentrated, this product will last a long time as only one teaspoon is needed for a typical bowl of washing up. Dishmate washing up liquid uses powerful plant derived ingredients and is pH balanced, meaning it is gentle on the skin.

4. Faith in Nature Powerful Anti-Bacterial Washing up Liquid, £2.49,
Made with essential oils of orange and lemon, this washing up liquid has a wonderfully uplifting citrus aroma. It is made using natural ingredients yet has a powerful formula that will cut through grease and help prevent the spread of bacteria.

5. Greenscents Citrus Washing up Liquid, £2.80,
Greenscents washing up liquid is made with pure Exmoor water and organic essential oils of verbena, tea tree and sage. It is enriched with organic aloe vera to moisturise and soften the skin. Plant derived ingredients make up a formula that promises to produce a bowlful of bubbles that will work harder and go further than other washing up liquids.

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