Mexico’s Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) fined Harley Circus on Dzidzantún, Yucatán, with 700,488 Mexican pesos for animal abuse and revoked their license to exhibit animals.

The circus was accused of serious acts that go against the humane treatment and respect of wildlife, not having a management plan for their wild animals and lack of documentation proving the legal origin of six of their animals: Invictus the bear, two big cats and three monkeys, all seized back in March for severe abuse.

The circus was fined with 10,410 days of minimum wage, had their license to manage and exhibit animals revoked and the six animals seized ordered not to be returned and stay in Pachuca zoo, in Hidalgo and El Centenario zoo, in Yucatán.

After receiving a complaint earlier this year, Profepa authorities paid the circus a visit and found the placed filled with mutilated animals.

The black bear, now named Invictus, had had his lower jaw removed, making it impossible for him to eat solids and drink properly thus suffering from malnutrition. He had also been declawed and presented lacerations on his neck and suffered from hair loss.

Circus workers made him perform covered with a veil, so the injuries wouldn’t show.

He was transferred to Pachuca Biopark, the first wildlife rescue and rehabilitation unit in Mexico, where he had a titanium jaw implanted by a group of veterinary surgeons on 19 July. Invictus is now recovering from the operation and will be sent to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, US once fully recovered.

The Bengal tiger presented malfunction on his limbs and the African lion and spider monkeys had been declawed and defanged.

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    Hope everyone makes a full recovery!