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The video of a man kicking a cat in the street was posted in the Facebook page Ohio Animal Abuser List on 6 August, causing nationwide outrage.

The video shows a man kicking a cat in the stomach and then laughing about it while a friend was filming with his cellphone.

Police have now confirmed that the two men involved in the abuse are from Akron, but they cannot confirm if the incident happened in Akron.

“We must first determine where the incident took place,” said Akron police Captain Daniel Zampelli. “If it is in our jurisdiction, we may take criminal action.”

“To the two men and their friends who thought this was so funny, and it was just a cat, why not just turn yourselves in? Why hide?,” wrote Ohio Animal Abuser List on their page.

To sign the petition asking the two men to be prosecuted, click here.

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