The Gezira Club in Zamalek has been accused of violently killing stray cats.

Animal rights activists claim hundreds of cats have been bludgeoned to death, choked, poisoned and dropped in bins like garbage for years, and have now pictures to prove it.

Several animal welfare organizations have gathered to file a legal complaint against both the cat-snatcher and the club itself.

Club officials deny the accusations and say that they just hire a ‘registered professional’ a few times a year to catch stray cats alive and place them outside their fields.

Tarek Nassar, member of the board of directors at Gezira Club, said the administration was not involved with the cull and that investigations are currently ongoing.

The alleged cat snatcher has since been arrested after police officers detained him while leaving the club premises with a sack full of dead cats. He allegedly admitted the club was paying him to kill strays.

“If he’s killing a couple of hundred cats every time he visits, and he’s doing that several times a year since at least 2007, then we’re talking about thousands of dead cats – and some dogs too,” said Mona Khalil with the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA).

“For years now, the club has been following this manner in exterminating and killing stray cats, we have tried more than once to negotiate with them and convince them to keep the cats live, while reducing their numbers through having the cats spayed at the organization’s expense, and we actually did that with about 68 cats, but the club did adhere to our initiative afterwards and continued to kill the cats,” said ESMA manager Mona Khalil to Youm7.

In January 2013, the citizens of Suez saw a total of 1,757 stray dogs and 518 stray cats killed as part of a campaign against stray animals in Suez.

The killing of strays has been proven ineffective many times in several countries as a way to cut down the number of wild animals. The most effective way is trap, neuter and release.

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