Blue Cross of India

A dog stayed by his dead owner’s grave for over two weeks in Chennai, India.

Tommy the dog was left heartbroken after Bhaskar Shri, 18, was killed in a car accident on 2 August. The couple had met five years ago, when Bhaskar adopted him, and they were inseparable. Bhaskar’s mother said Tommy even accompanied Bhaskar to the construction sites where he worked.

After the tragic accident, Tommy refused to leave his side. He spent 15 days without food or water, enduring the heat of day and cold of night.

Dawn Williams with the Blue Cross spotted Tommy one day while passing by, and after seeing he was still there a couple of days later she decided to rescue him.

Williams together with a team fed Tommy and tried rescuing him several times, but he refused to leave his friend’s side.

“When we attempted to rescue the dog, it stubbornly resisted and refused to budge,” Williams said. “It just scratched the grave and whined.”

The team started asking neighbours about Tommy and they found out Bhaskar’s mother lived nearby and decided to contact her for help. When Tommy saw her, he jumped on her and licked her face.

Tommy was happy to leave with her and Ms Sundari said she will look after him as a reminder of her son.

“I’m sure Tommy will help Shrimati with her grief, dogs are amazing in times of emotion,” Williams said.

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