Pet dog Max was found with both eyes gouged out last month in Yucatan, Mexico.

The family said the six-month-old had gone missing the day before they found him near a wasteland behind a school in Tizimin, yelping.

After an emergency examination, vets said the cocker-dachshund mix had also suffered sexual abuse.

Max had to be put to sleep right away to prevent further suffering.

Max’s family, together with activist Doris Canul Chan, reported the incident to the police the next day.

Authorities are still trying to locate the aggressors.

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  • Luigi Temporin

    Leyes y penas más duras para los maltratadores de animales ……….. CUANDO ?????

  • Debbie Hills

    Nice country. Will never visit.

  • Eva Ferguson

    This is Heartfelt, this type of animal torture is work of Psychopathic,removes the eyes so the pup won’t look,at you as you rape this innocent pup! Re ware! Of this psycho must be caught before before they strike again!! If they haven’t yet.children and animals must be protected from this sick pyscho .this is serious. This are remote villages?!!

  • flower

    man is the sickest, cruelest animal