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Ryan Watenpaugh has been arrested in California for killing his girlfriend’s dog and then feeding it to her without her knowledge.

The woman told police that Watenpaugh assaulted her in her house in Redding at the beginning of August and she managed to get away, but left her tiny Pomeranian Bear behind. When she came back to pick Bear up, the dog had disappeared.

At beginning of September the couple made up and Watenpaugh decided to cook for her unsuspecting girlfriend. A few days later, she received a text from Watenpaugh asking her how her dog had tasted. A couple of days after that, he left Bear’s paws on her door.

Watenpaugh is now facing charges of domestic violence, stalking, false imprisonment and animal cruelty.

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  • bevgannon

    FFS what a sick pos. chop him up and thrown him in the bin. an eye for an eye