Não queremos mais sangue e tortura

Não queremos mais sangue e tortura

Two men have been killed in the running of the bulls held in Moita, Portugal as part of the Festivities in Honour of Our Lady of Good Voyage.

The festival is held every year in the city for ten days from the first Friday of September. It includes an afternoon cook-out, the Night of Fragateiro, the Procession, Running of the Bulls, Bullfighting Fair, Folklore Festival, decorated boats at the pier and several musical performances.

The men, 27 and 46, were gored to death in the running, which consisted in thousands of people taunting three bulls while running loose through the main street.

“We regret this situation and we address our feelings to the family. When we party is for people to have fun and not for these things to happen, but it’s something that can happen in the mad party,” said Lusa Clarisse Santos with the Special Events Committee.

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