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German authorities have arrested a man in Andernach suspected of catching, killing and eating around 30 neighbourhood cats.

According to German newspaper Bild, Tran Qui, from Vietnam, said he didn’t know eating cats was illegal in Germany and believed there was nothing wrong with that.

He was reported to the police by neighbours who saw him prepare local cat Mungo in his backyard before barbecuing him with a Bunsen burner.

Now police believe he is responsible for the disappearance of around 30 neighbourhood cats in the past recent months.

Qui is now facing up to three years in prison for charges of animal cruelty and for violating hygiene regulations.

“Killing a cat to eat it is terrible and should be punished,” said Lisa Wittmann with PETA Germany. “Nevertheless, we all should ask ourselves why is it banned in Germany to grill a cat, but a pig, however, may be killed for human consumption. Both are sensitive creatures who do not want to die to land on a plate.”

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  • bevgannon

    how sickis this poor animals. OMG DEar Lord. whats goin on in this world. they are all sick ppl. r.i.p. all u lovely animals. Amen <3