Israel will host the world’s largest vegan festival next week with over 15 thousand people expected to attend, more than any other vegan festival to date.

Visitors will find 100 food stalls, live music, different activities and talks regarding nutrition, health and other related topics.

Of the 8 million people currently living in Israel, there’s an estimated 300,000 vegans and over 550,000 vegetarians, making Israel the country with the largest percentage of vegans per capita.

“I think this topic is completely exploding all over Israel,” founder of VeganFriendly, Omri Paz, told ISRAEL21c.

“You can see it in the vegan menu items at restaurant chains, [natural foods market] Eden Teva labelling 5,000 products as vegan, and our video with Rotem Sela that went viral.

“Last year we called it Festival for Animals, but this year we’re confident to call it Vegan Fest because the idea is more mainstream.”

Paz, who hosted the first vegan festival last year, also hosted the country’s first-ever Vegan Congress in March.

VeganFriendly members are also planning to drive around the country for a month and screen videos about veganism and offer information to anyone interested.

“The Vegan Friendly mission is to publicize the positive side of veganism, so we avoid anything bloody or negative. That’s how we got into the mainstream so easily,” explained Paz.

The Israeli population of vegans doubled in the past two years, making vegan food finally ‘marketable’ for businesses.

“Businesses finally see us as a market. Our Facebook group has tens of thousands of followers and thousands of recipes. Not a week goes by without a news item about veganism,” said Paz to Israel21c.

“Israel is probably the country where it’s easiest to be vegan in the whole world.”

For more information about the festival, visit the official site here.

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