A couple has been found guilty of child abuse, human trafficking, animal cruelty and wildlife-protection crimes for filming a series of crush videos and were sentenced to life in jail in the Philippines.

Vicente and Dorma Ridon were arrested in 2012 after PETA Asia alerted the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation in 2011 about a crush video that was spreading around the internet.

Crush videos are ‘fetish’ videos were usually young teenage girls are forced to torture and kill animals for the sexual gratification of the viewer.

In these particular videos, girls can be seen skinning a dog alive, burning a dog with a clothes iron, crushing puppies until they vomited their insides, cutting rabbits’ ears off and setting them on fire and hitting a monkey in the eye with a heel.

During the trial, Vicente Ridon explained that he made the extreme videos for an Australian man he knew as Mick Tanks or Michael Clark who had sent him ‘scripts’ and payments for over a year.

According to the investigation, the videos were purchased by people in Australia, France, Korea, Malaysia, the UK and the US, and they all could face prosecution if found.

The Ridons were also fined 9 million pesos each.

Jason Baker, Peta-Asia vice president, said: “The Ridons’ sentence is a warning to anyone involved in the vile crush video industry: There are grave consequences for harming animals.

“Peta was made aware of these horrible videos by a compassionate person who stumbled upon them and took the time to report it. Never be silent about cruelty to animals.”

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